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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Dating Interview

About a month ago, a guy from DynaVox ( the computer company that have communication devices that I use ) wanted to interview me about the dating dilemmas blog that I wrote. First, I was like no way. But my mother and my friends told me that I should do it. I said "well, ok I guess I could".

Before the interview I was so nervous. My mother had to calm me down. I was so nervous because nobody talks about dating, relationships, and sexuality with disabled people publicly. "This is a topic that needs to be addressed to the public. " My friends and family said to me. I agreed.

Here's the interview!

After the interview, I felt so happy that I am opening the door to people to talk about this topic because it is important I think. DynaVox had a disability relationship sexuality doctor respond to my interview later. It actually helped me. Here is what the doctor said.

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