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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Help Me Give Back

 When I was small, I did a whole lot of therapy to help my body get stronger. My mother, worried and stressed, ask my therapist if there's anything else that we could do. She mentioned hippotherapy. My mother didn't understand, because if I couldn't sit up in a chair how could I ride a horse?

We went out anyway to try riding. In my mother's mind, SIRE would be hard therapy to make me stronger. When we got there, people started to help me get on the horse. I was just laying on the horse when we started walking into the arena. My mother was thinking what on earth did she do to me. However, when I turned around, I was smiling from ear to ear! Then, she realized that who cares if I was getting therapy because I finally am having fun.

After week after week I started to get stronger and stronger. I was sitting up right finally! My mother was so proud of me.

SIRE has really changed my life. It gave me strength and courage to get through my life. I just would like to give back something. However, I need help helping. So, I am asking you to donate to this really cool program. It does not have to be a lot, even $10. Please! Help me give back!

Click here to donate

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