My SOS Family

    Relying on technology to live my life, I have anxiety when I am without my computer. The situations come up every day when I don't have the comfort of having my voice with me such as when I am showering, using the bathroom, etc. Yes, someone is always with me in these situations. However, there is a chance of something happening to them whether they fall or even walk out on me. I could not call for help because I would not have my computer.

    I discovered an app called My SOS Family. It allows me to set a timer and it will call and text my emergency contacts if I don't turn it off. By calling me first, the app makes sure that I really need help. I put my parents down as my emergency contacts. However, you can even have it call 911 for you if you want.

    Living on my own in a dorm, this is essential to my well-being. I created a personalized message that explain to my parents what to do in these situations. I have my parents call me and then my assistant. Then if all else fails, I put my RA’s number in the message for them to call. My RA knows to come to check on me if my parents call him. He even would break into my dorm room to help me.

    By having this safety net, I feel confident that I will get help in emergency situations. It is really a life-altering system. This makes me feel confident that I can live independently!

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  1. Hi Meghan, congrats on being an inspiration. Your use of technology is great for us at the College of Technology. Have a blessed weekend, Prof. Maria Burns

  2. Love Love that you found this app Megan! You are such a strong, independent young woman! Love ya girl!

  3. I’ve always been amazed at how well you do things like this.

  4. Meghan, it is so great to see the new technology findings you have to help you continue on your goal path. You and your work are amazing!


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